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Welcome Address

Debashish Bhattacharyya Chairman PanIIT

PIWOT Overview

Pradeep Bhargava General Secretary , PanIIT

The Next Frontier of Human-Centric Creativity and Innovation

Anton Tomchenko Cheif Revenue & Solutions Officer, Hexaware

Making India a PowerHouse of Research

Kris Gopalkrishan Co-Founder Infosys , Chairman Axilor

Guest of Honour “Rising from Constraints to Innovation”

A.S. Kiran Kumar Ex Chairman, ISRO

Vote of Thanks

Rajeev Gupta Executive Committee Member, PanIIT

Track 1 - India & Innovation

India stands at the forefront of global technological innovation, harnessing its rich heritage and diverse talent to drive groundbreaking advancements. With a legacy of innovation spanning centuries, India continues to shape the digital landscape, blending tradition with cutting-edge technology. Join us to explore India’s transformative journey in the realm of technological, business model and frugal innovations and how various stakeholders have come together to create a thriving ecosystem for innovations in the country.
This panel delves into the role of cross-disciplinary collaboration to create a vibrant environment for transformative ideas to flourish and to drive groundbreaking innovations leading to societal progress. Join us for an inspiring discussion as experts explore how diverse perspectives converge to foster groundbreaking solutions, drive progress across industries, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and create a dynamic environment for transformative change.
Join this panel to discover how frugal, cost-effective innovations and ingenious solutions can address the needs of the masses, particularly in resource-constrained environments. Experts will explore ingenious solutions that bridge gaps, enhance accessibility, and promote sustainable development in various regions in India. Learn how creative, resourceful approaches can lead to significant positive change, even in the most challenging contexts.
This panel delves into the complexities of scaling technological innovations, exploring obstacles faced and strategies employed. Experts will share insights on navigating diverse sectors, ensuring widespread adoption, and overcoming hurdles unique to each innovation. Join us for a comprehensive discussion on driving impactful, large-scale technological advancements, challenges and strategies involved in scaling technological innovations, and how to effectively expand innovative solutions to reach a broader audience.
This panel is about a deep dive into India’s vibrant innovation landscape and exploring strategies to foster a conducive environment for creativity and entrepreneurship. Experts will discuss collaborative initiatives, policy frameworks, and industry-academia partnerships that nurture innovation hubs to create a thriving ecosystem, driving India’s future innovations. Explore how to create an environment where innovators can thrive, access to resources is ensured, and connect with mentors, investors, and partners within local and global ecosystems.

Track 2 - Diving into Core Research

India’s thriving research ecosystem is catalyzing transformative change across sectors. Core research forms the bedrock of innovation, fostering breakthroughs in science, technology, and social development. This conference illuminates India’s pivotal role, exploring the profound impact of foundational research, propelling the nation towards a future defined by knowledge, progress, and innovation.
Explore the fundamental research areas that have the potential to drive transformative technological breakthroughs where India can lead globally
Discuss the critical bridge between research and practical applications. Share success stories of research translation, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and effective knowledge transfer
Examine the strategies and challenges involved in successfully commercializing technological innovations originating from research. Highlight best practices for academia, industry, and startups to bring research-based products and solutions to market
Explore how collaborations between public research institutions and private enterprises can accelerate technological advancements. Discuss case studies and policy recommendations for fostering fruitful partnerships that benefit both sectors.

Track 3 - Digital Economy

Session - Fireside Chat on Digital Economy

The Panel delves into the pivotal role of digital identity solutions to build the modern digital economic infrastructure. Experts will dissect challenges and advancements, showcasing how Digital Identity Solutions for both individual and business entities and similar initiatives enhance security, privacy, and convenience, shaping the future of secure, inclusive digital ecosystems. Join us for insightful discussions on the evolving landscape of digital identity, explore India’s advancements in digital identity solutions and discuss their potential applications on a global scale
This panel explores the transformative impact of fintech innovations in India, advancing the cause of financial inclusion. It uncovers groundbreaking technologies and strategies that empower individuals and businesses, bridging economic divides and unlocking the potential for widespread prosperity. Join us to witness the evolution of financial services in the digital age and ensure economic empowerment and access to financial services for all citizens.
Showcase India’s innovations in digital healthcare and profound impact of Digital Health IDs and interoperable health records on India’s healthcare landscape. Join us in discovering the future of healthcare for India Inc and explore how these innovations enhance patient care, streamline medical services, and foster data-driven decision-making, where technology ensures accessible, seamless, and efficient medical services for all
Join us to explore the transformative potential of India’s Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) in reshaping local and global e-commerce landscapes. Experts will discuss how collaborative, open systems foster innovation, enhance transparency, and drive inclusive economic growth. Join us for an engaging discussion on how open architecture networks can be leveraged to promote competition, innovation, and inclusivity in the digital commerce space worldwide

Track 4 - Boosting Manufacturing

India’s manufacturing landscape is undergoing a paradigm shift, fueled by innovation. Pioneering technologies and a burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit are reshaping traditional industries, bolstering economic growth, and enhancing global competitiveness. This conference celebrates India’s manufacturing prowess, highlighting the transformative power of innovation, and its pivotal role in driving economic prosperity and sustainable development

Session - Keynote on Boosting Manufacturing in India

Explore how digital technologies, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and automation are disrupting the manufacturing industry to enable India to become competitive at a global level
Invest in aerospace manufacturing to support India’s growing space and aviation industries
Making India a true Semiconductor Product Nation and boosting the domestic production of electronics, including smartphones, laptops, and other consumer electronics
Invest in pharmaceutical manufacturing capabilities, including the production of generic drugs and vaccines. Promote research and development in biotechnology and healthcare to position India as a global pharmaceutical hub

Inaugural Session

Pradeep Bhargava Conference chair, PIWOT

Fireside Chat: Scaling with Customer focused approach

Prashant Pitti, Co-Founder, EasemyTrip
Pradeep Gupta, Chairman, CyberMedia

Fireside Chat

Gunjan Krishna, Commissioner for Industrial Development, Govt Of Karnataka
Prof Ravi Anshuman, IIM Bangalore

Track 5 - Supercharging with AI

Supercharging with an AI track illuminates India's dynamic AI landscape, showcasing groundbreaking innovations poised to revolutionize sectors from healthcare to finance. Participants will explore cutting-edge AI research, transformative applications, and ethical considerations, charting a path toward a future where artificial intelligence empowers India's growth, fosters innovation, and enhances societal well-being.

Session Keynote - How should companies be planning for the Disruptive AI Revolution

Sudipta Bhattacharya Group CTO , Adani Group

Session Keynote 1

Shailesh Kumar, Head – AI, Jio

Session Keynote 2

Prof Nitin Saxena, Professor, IIT Kanpur
Explore the latest breakthroughs and innovations in AI, including ML , NLP and computer vision.
Case studies, success stories, and strategies for leveraging AI to enhance productivity, improve customer experiences, and drive revenue growth.
Cloud computing plays a pivotal role in enabling AI and machine learning applications. It will also discuss best practices for utilizing cloud-based AI services.

Track 6 - Social Impact

This track focuses on the intersection of technology and social impact, exploring innovative solutions that address pressing social challenges at India scale. Participants will delve into discussions about digital inclusion, sustainable development, healthcare advancements, and civic engagement, examining how technology can empower communities, bridge gaps, and create positive societal change. Join us in exploring the transformative potential of technology for a better India and better World.

Session Keynote

Hari Padmanabhan, Chairman PARFI
Creating urban spaces that are environmentally responsible, technologically advanced, and socially inclusive is the need of the hour to shape the blueprint for future cities worldwide. Explore innovations driving sustainable urban development, from smart cities to efficient infrastructure, improving living conditions and reducing environmental impact. This discussion is at the transformative intersection of sustainable urban development and smart city initiatives, where we talk about eco-conscious infrastructure, digital innovation and community engagement. Join us in envisioning urban landscapes where technology harmonizes with nature, creating resilient, livable, and inclusive communities that stand as models for a sustainable future.
In this panel discussion, experts converge to explore the transformative impact of technology on rural landscapes, emphasizing education, healthcare, and livelihoods. With a keen focus on bridging urban-rural disparities, we explore innovative solutions that promote inclusive development. Experts will unravel how cutting-edge technologies are revolutionizing education delivery, enhancing healthcare accessibility, and creating sustainable livelihood opportunities in remote areas. Join us for insightful conversations on empowering rural communities, ensuring equal access to opportunities, and fostering a digitally inclusive future where technology acts as a catalyst for positive, equitable change and empower, educate, and uplift rural communities, fostering holistic development for inclusive development.
In this crucial panel discussion, experts converge to unravel the complexities of ensuring equitable water access, quality, and management, transcending geographical and socio-economic boundaries. The conversation dives deep into the pressing global water challenges, focusing on sustainable solutions for communities worldwide. From innovative technologies to inclusive policies, participants explore innovations ensuring equitable water access, quality, and management, addressing global water challenges for sustainable development. Join us as we navigate the intricacies of water governance, conservation, and universal access, illuminating pathways toward a sustainable future where every individual, regardless of their location, enjoys the fundamental right to clean, accessible water, vital for human well-being and environmental harmony.
In the face of escalating climate challenges, this panel convenes visionaries and thought leaders to explore cutting-edge Climate Resilience Innovations. From sustainable urban planning to resilient agriculture, renewable energy solutions, and adaptive technologies, experts will discuss transformative strategies that safeguard communities, ecosystems, and economies. The discourse delves into groundbreaking research, policy frameworks, and community-driven initiatives fostering resilience in the face of climate change. Join us as we seek collective wisdom to fortify our societies against the evolving climate threats, and pave the way for a sustainable, climate-resilient future for all, combat climate change effects, promote resilience in communities, ecosystems, and industries, and secure a sustainable future for all.

Lamp Lightening

Welcome Address, Debashish Bhattacharyya, Chairman PanIIT

Welcome Address

Debashish Bhattacharyya
Chairman PanIIT

PIWOT Overview

Pradeep Bhargava
General Secretary , PanIIT