PI-WOT Virtual Startup Showcase is an exciting meeting point for the top impact Startups and Investors. This segment will showcase the various ways in which new and established startups are delivering value to their counterparts, from the viewpoint of a corporate representative, B-B entrepreneur, and as a professional investor.

Join the conversation and get enriched.

Pitch Schedule

Day 1

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Watch This Space


Key Takeaways for startups

Share your work with investors and leading organisations, make pitches to investors and other organisations interested in your technology and domain.

Talk to IIT Directors on ways of collaborating for mutual benefit and internships within your startup.

Share your journey with heartburns and successes with the audience, and be recognised for what you have done.

Key Takeaways for investor

We are also inviting investors for this Investor-Startup Connect event. As an Investor or Partner, we’ll match you with a curated list of startups active in your target space. This will give you an opportunity to meet the potential startups in a high-energy and highly efficient speed networking.

Join the Startup pitches to identify that next great idea to invest in. Interact with the Hackathon participants from across the globe and see first hand the kind of ideas and solutions being developed for the industry and society. Share problems that you would want solutions for, and see the developers crack those. Interact with IIT Alumni, who are successful entrepreneurs, researchers, academics, and Start ups.